3 Vintage Chicks Marketing Plan

Top Priority

Increase daily foot traffic in the store.



To develop a steady stream of “buying” customers through the week.


  1. Customer Retention – Create loyalty among existing customers through ongoing engagement marketing
  2. Customer Acquisition – Create a growing base of new customers through online and local advertising, events and promotions

Quantify: What amount of daily traffic is acceptable; over what time-frame


Customer Retention


1. Preparation

  • Import customer email addresses from Clover and Square into Excel spreadsheet.
  • Get new photos of merchandise into Photo Bucket
  • Determine how to measure increase in foot traffic and customer responsiveness (need to provide that to me)
  • What percentage of increase is considered acceptable

Responsibility:  Sue

Timeframe: by 6/26/2015


2.  Create Email Campaigns – Trial Period  (The Vintage Value Blast)

  • 1st email: vote for Vintage Chicks in www.phoenixmag.com/bestof. Invite people into store during the week. Cull the list – offer people to subscribe
  • 2nd email: blast reminder to Chicks Night Out; remind customers to follow 3VintageChicks on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • 3rd email: survey on who’s shopping, how often, what they like about vintage in general, what they like about 3 Vintage Chicks. Feature a vendor.



  • Create email database in Mailchimp
  • Write email content
  • Analyze email data from trial period, are we meeting goal

Responsibility:  Diane

Timeframe:  6/28, 7/12 and 7/26, 8/9


2.  Optimize Facebook:

  • continue to boost posts (Sue)
  • create an ad inviting customers in during the week (Sue/Diane)
  • link Instagram and Pinterest to Facebook page (Sue/Diane)
  • link informational posts from blogs or websites (Diane)

Timeframe:  6/28, 7/12 and 7/26, 8/9

Fee:  $125.00


Customer Acquisition


Goal:  Grow email list by ____%

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Pinterest Marketing
  3. Website – Configuration, client supplied content and graphic elements – standard pricing. No hacking or code modifications.

Responsibility:  Diane

Timeframe:  TBD

Fee: $250.00