Environmental Services

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We merge well-being concepts with proven standards for healthy interior environments and sustainability.



Raising awareness of the affect of buildings on our wellbeing, our communities and the environment.



Identifying how design decisions impact our health, social equity and climate resilience.



certified professional

WELL AP, Fitwel Amb, LEED Green Associate

I love my home . . . it is bright, airy, and calming. It is breathable and beautiful. It is my retreat, my sanctuary, and my safe-haven.

Through my experience and research, I’ve found that many homeowners are not aware of the simple changes that can be made to improve their ability to breathe comfortably at home. And yet, our homes can contribute to our wellbeing.

This is why I offer services to help people improve the interior “environmental” quality of their homes.

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For inquiries, please feel free to contact me for more information. We’ll talk about solutions like upgrading filters, adding air purifiers and using non-toxic cleaning products and paints

Schedule an initial intro session by clicking the “here”. You will be directed to our parent company page for scheduling.

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