1: Optimize Facebook – Boost Posts and Advertise

If you already have a Facebook following, optimize your potential for new customers by boosting your posts and creating an add each month about special events and promotions. Both approaches will give you a better targeted approach for the money.

  • With Facebook ads you can target specific demographics. It provides a platform for reaching out to people you may not have reached yet.
  • You can easily set a small budget (less than $10 per day) and target specific customers – [by] age, gender, education and interests similar to my product categories.
  • Even if people don’t immediately make a purchase because of the Facebook ad, many of them may wind up “liking” your business which creates a database of potential customers.

• Get your Facebook Ads tips direct from the source: Facebook for Business.


2: Claim Local Listings on Google Places

Get your business on Google for free – Google My Business connects you directly with customers in your area, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.


3: Invest in Google AdWords

Google AdWords can provide some good traffic with the right long-tail keywords and an high impact ad. Riker adds that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of traffic.

Consumer behavior is undergoing a massive shift: the consumer journey has fragmented from a series of predictable media sessions to hundreds of “micro-moments,” where people turn to the nearest device to solve an immediate need. Google is attempting to address this newest marketing development with what it refers to as “cross-device” advertising and reporting.