Your 5 Money Magnets

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Putting your business out front and everywhere

5 Money Magnets shows you how to accomplish this.  You want your business to be where customers and business relationships are – mobile, digital and social. But you need to do that in a way that gains their loyalty, their responsiveness and their spend.

Multiplying spending through multiple channels

It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. AND, repeat customers spend more than new customers. Focusing on all your “contact” tools and synchronizing them to your business model makes a world of difference to your bottom line.

Case Study

Vintage Furnishings and Decor Retailer


Our client needed to increase foot traffic in their 5000+ square foot vintage shop. They had a solid reputation in the area and their customers loved them. They hold a monthly themed event that draws large numbers of customers and and their friends.

Client wanted more customers willing to spend more and shop more. She had an active Facebook page with a large following but didn’t have a web presence nor had they captured emails from customers visiting the shop.


  1. Design a website announcing upcoming events, sales and services
  2. Direct customers to the site to and opt-in email cmpaign
  3. Monthly emails emphasizing events, sales and decorating tips for vintage shoppers
  4. Advertising in a regional home and garden magazine
  5. Restyling vendor spaces to improve it’s appeal
  6. Offer a blog that educates and informs

Email Results

  • Campaign Average Open Rate 46.25% 46.25%
  • Industry Average Open Rate 16% 16%
  • Campaign Average Click-through Rate 8.7% 8.7%
  • Industry Average Click-through Rate 7.0% 7.0%


Email Comparative Analysis