Virtual Marketing Assistance

c j pepper provides virtual marketing and design assistance (VMAD) when you need to fill a void in your resources for marketing, design and messaging support. We often begin with an assessment of your goals and objectives, analysis of your business plan and your strategy for customer engagement and market growth potential. And we can fill in where you need us: responsive, creative and professional.


Marketing Plans, Branding and Ideation

c j pepper offers marketing consulting, website strategy and planning. My approach is creative, simple and budget-friendly. Our plans and strategies incorporate consistent branding, messaging and ideation across all communications platforms, including websites, presentations, business plans and other marketing communications.

Content Writing

A major challenge for website designers is getting “content” from clients. The major challenge for their clients is developing that content. Having the resources to deliver what you need is where Virtual Marketing Assistance is valuable. In a world where words matter, it is no longer for volume of words that are engaging, it is the impact of those words that is key. We focus on impact, impressions and brevity.

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For Business Owners

Don’t let not being able to find the right words and photos delay or derail your web design and marketing efforts. We’ll find the words . . we’re creative like that. And we will find the images and designs that convey your messages with impact. Tell us what you need, and we’ll get you there. We can be the missing link in your marketing resources.

Web Developers and Designers

Don’t let your client’s inability to provide content delay your design and development efforts. c j pepper offers a solution to your recurring need to have viable content. We’ll create the messaging that reflects your client’s objectives and fits with your design efforts. We can be the missing link in your content marketing resources.