c j pepper

workplace strategy and design

The Philosophy

Approaching design from a holistic perspective is the primary focus of our firm. We understand, value and are committed to creating calming environments that nurture serenity and harmony. It is design + well-being.

The Inner Work

Our evidence-based programs enhance leadership skills, creativity, productivity and resilience. The program is human-centered and focuses on three components of workplace well-being Рinner work, leadership and design.

The Design

The interior environment is important to the well-being of inhabitants. The design can nurture and inspire. It affects mood, creativity, productivity and well-being. It can be a precursor to peace and an exercise in mindfulness.

creative :: aspirational :: inspired

Services include assessments, workshops, coaching and well-design.

We are a full service

Design Agency

We understand the power of an affective  design in creating serenity, productivity, teamwork and individual development.

At c j pepper We are dedicated to advancing health and well-being in interior design by focusing on creating interior spaces that support or enhance well-being.

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